Elections in 2020

If all Republicans in the 47th turn out for our candidates, we will win legislative races. We are now preparing to win seats for the legislature in Olympia. As the opposition has veered to the extreme left, 2020 is our opportunity to flip the Washington State House and Senate and take back the Governor’s office!  Do your part:

1) VOTE!  It might seem like you’re overwhelmed in a sea of blue votes, especially in King County.  But when ALL Republicans vote, we WILL win in the 47th and across the county and state!

2) Tell your family, friends, and associates to vote Republican!  They most likely don’t like the direction taken by Seattle, King County, or Washington State.  Tell them they can make a difference by voting Republican!

3) Get involved!  Join us at an upcoming 47th District meeting to learn more about the issues and discover effective ways to make a difference. Each district meeting is just 90 minutes and typically features one to three engaging speakers on important local matters often involving legislation, regulations, or government.

Together, we CAN make a difference in the 47th, in King County, and for Washington State to put us back on the right path to responsible, accountable, and effective government!