Sights Set on 2021

Well, despite a few bright spots, the 2020 election didn’t turn out as we had hoped.  If all Republicans in the 47th turn out for our candidates, we will win legislative races.  To turn the tide, we need you to get involved!

After a short debriefing period, we are now beginning preparation for the next round of elections in 2021.  Do your part:

1) Attend the 47th District GOP meetings and calls.  We need more conservatives to make their voices known!

2) Tell your family, friends, and associates to sign up for our 47th newsletter.  They most likely don’t like the direction taken by Seattle, King County, or Washington State.  Tell them they can make a difference by getting involved!

3) Participate in petition drives and other calls to action!

4) Contact your representatives in Olympia and Washington DC!  If enough voters in our District are vocal enough, they won’t be able to ignore us!

Together, we CAN make a difference in the 47th, in King County, and for Washington State to put us back on the right path to responsible, accountable, and effective government!